Writer's Notebook Entries

August 28th: What would your "perceived as" title be and why? Do you think the way your classmates view you matches your own self-perception? Why or why not?

September 3rd: Considering the sample essay that you read, what one technique can you take away from the mentor text to help you write your essay? Explain

September 11th: Parents' Night: Write a letter to someone whom you live with, telling them about school and a goal that you have set for yourself. End the letter by asking them for a piece of advice.

September 20th: Do you believe the witches can foresee the future, or do you believe the witches cause the future? Take into consideration your personal opinions about fate vs. free will. Are our lives predetermined?

September 24th: Review your comments, and decide upon an area for growth. Discuss how you can grow as a writer, and set a personal goal for the end of the marking period. Explain how you can prove that you have met your writing goal.